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Flying Bunnies

Where the boundless joy of these playful creatures takes flight, each piece captures the essence of innocence and laughter.


Forest Friends

Tailored to embody the serene ambience and wonders of the forest. Invites your little ones to embrace the magic of nature.


Arctic Dream

Frosty landscapes inspire a playful collection. Crafted for cozy adventures, each piece brings the polar world to life.


Animal Kingdom

Celebrating wildlife inspiration, ensuring delightful adventures and endless smiles. The beauty of wildlife sparks a playful collection.


Classic Solids

Rediscovering timeless elegance with 'Classic Solids’. The designs nurture little ones to express themselves through color.


Bear Hugs

Inspired by the gentle embrace of bears. Each piece tells a tale of love and coziness, creating moments to cherish.






Hear what our customers have to say!

I feel fortunate to come across this wonderful Tiny Twig brand. The quality of the clothes are really great with very nice soft texture & my baby girl is completely happy and comfortable whenever she wears any clothing from tiny Twig. Moreover, the colors and patterns are very pretty, I will be ordering more.


I lately came across this brand and bought some organic clothes for Kaisha. The clothes are actually very soft on baby's skin & so comfortable to wear. I love the complete feel of the fabric. I can make her wear these clothes all day without worrying about her delicate skin. I recommend Tiny Twig to all Moms out there.


Tiny Twig fabric is super soft, and the material used is very kind and gentle on babies delicate skin. I loved their collection.

Rituka Saksham
New Delhi

Being a doctor mom, I make double sure of what my baby comes in contact with whether its food, toys and clothing. I received excellent customer services, well packaged clothes. Clothes are fantastic, feel great, look great. They are warm, and incredibly comfy.

Dr. Gagan

I was always looking for organic clothing even before my baby was born. Thanks to Tiny Twig their clothes are super soft with some great prints to select from. My baby was so comfortable throughout the day.


Tiny Twig clothes made me happiest out of all the brands I have tried. Avyan was so comfortable throughout the day in the zipper hoodie and harem pants.


In love with Tiny Twig clothes from the very first touch to the feel of it no words!! Absolutely in love with the print, fitting, quality and brand being organic is like icing on the cake. My baby seems to be very comfortable & happy in these clothes.


My little munchkin samaira developed skin rashes using other brand clothing. But thanks to my friend who came as a saviour and suggested Organic brand Tiny Twig!! and that is when I organic clothing to my baby and we are so happy to see our baby feeling comfortable in these clothes and eventually all her rashes have also vanished. Thanks Tiny Twig!!


For the first time I untroduced organic & sustainable clothing for my baby and we are super happy for that. He is feeling very comfortable throughout the day and limit chemical irritants.

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Sustainable Fashion

We explore hundreds of fabrics every season to craft the fashionable designs in the most sustainable way

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We offer lifetime guarantee on all of our zippers! Babies may outgrow our clothes but our zippers will never grow old.

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Our diagonal zipsuits are truly one of a kind. They truly redefine everyday loungewear for your loved ones

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We don't believe in compromising on functionality for fashion. Every garment of ours has a unique functionality to offer.