4 Tips To Dress Your Baby Right

Babies come in squishy little bundles with tender toes, chubby cheeks, soft skin, and the divine baby smell. To enhance this cuteness more, parents often dress their little ones in adorable outfits.

Dressing a baby is an exciting part of the first-year experience for the parents. But is cuteness the most significant factor one should consider while choosing baby clothes? Before answering that question, let’s dial back to understand the evolution of baby clothing a bit.

Infant and baby clothing has evolved over the years. In the past, baby clothing was mainly influenced by the weather. Babies were wrapped in multiple layers during the cold, while cotton jablas were the go-to during summers. There wasn’t specific attention placed on designing clothes for babies.

But, over time, this changed, and designers started making clothes specifically for newborns and toddlers. Baby fashion moved towards an expression of fun and festivities. It is now common to see babies in tutus, ghagras, suits and even denim!

However, in current times climate change is compelling parents to rethink their priorities while picking baby clothing. They are now caring for the safety, functionality, and touch & feel of the clothing they use on babies. Parents are also more aware of their environment and want to take their tiny footsteps towards sustainability.

So, what should one consider while dressing a baby? Here are a few tips.

Choose appropriate colours
Choosing pink for girls and blue for boys are a thing of the past. With changing times, parents are moving towards gender-neutral clothing both in terms of colours and styles. Babies have memories starting from a very young age, and that age is an excellent time to start inculcating the values of gender-neutrality.

Choose gender-neutral pastel shades for newborn and toddler clothing. While they are pleasing to the eye, pastel shades are also an important safety consideration.
Tiny Twig has essentials such as bodysuits, sleepsuits, overalls, and dresses for boys and girls alike.

  • Darker coloured clothes make it harder to identify bugs or insects hidden in folds of clothing and also retains heat, which may not impact adult skin, but could make a baby uncomfortable, primarily when held for long.
  • Whereas, Pastel shades are pleasant to the eye, cooler and also helps one observe any spillage or wetness on the garment, soon prompting a change of clothing at the right time.

Prioritise comfort of the baby
Dressing up to go out is an adult priority. While dressing a baby, it is always essential to ensure their comfort. Prickly and glittery party clothing is mostly uncomfortable to babies.

  • Avoid synthetic fabrics which are not breathable.
  • Stay away from labels and protruding buttons, which are often a cause of inconvenience and safety hazard to a baby.
  • Avoid clothing that needs to be pulled down from the baby’s head – there is a high risk of injury with these clothes.

For infants and babies, onesies are always preferable to separates such as T-shirts and shorts inevitably bunch up at corners when several people tend to handle the baby at big gatherings or family events. This rolling of fabric could cause abrasive injuries to babies’ tender skin.

Tiny Twig recommends onesies with zippers for day wear and sleepsuits with snap buttons for nighttime. Tiny Twig has innovatively designed convertible sleeping gowns which convert into grow suits in the morning.

Look for fabric certification
Certified organic cotton clothing is free of harsh and harmful chemicals and is best for a babies’ delicate skin.

  • To ensure that a brand truly makes clothes from organic cotton, look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) logo for the authenticity of the claim. GOTS is a leading standard-setter to define globally recognised requirements for organic textiles.
  • While exploring a new brand, read about its history, ethics, manufacturing process, and return and refund policies.

Tiny Twig offers a sincere and superior alternative to mass-produced baby fashion by making uniquely designed clothing with certified organic cotton fabric, free of chemicals. Tiny Twig also ensures that the little ones can express their personality in an exciting range of colours and prints, including Lamas, Graphite stripes, and Leopard prints.

If the cost of certified organic clothing seems steep, keep an eye out for bundle sales when you get sets of clothing for lower prices. Tiny Twig currently has a promotional collection of bundles of bodysuits, sleepsuits, and bibs. Head to Tiny Twig’s bundle sale section to explore more.

Treat baby essentials as an integral part of clothing
Be prepared for 3-4 changes of baby clothing every day. Change of clothes always makes a baby feel fresh and joyful. Don’t forget to include burp cloths and washcloths as a unit, along with baby clothes. Ensure that every set of baby clothes has an accompanying washcloth as well. For added fun and cuteness, pick bibs and apparel that complement each other in colour and pattern.

Tiny Twig has organic cotton burp cloths and washcloths made for babies.

In short, while dressing a baby, comfort, safety, and convenience for the baby and the parent are the top priorities. Remember that a comfortable baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby truly expresses their personality the best!