Organic Cotton

Cotton is a breathable fabric and is universally a favorite choice of clothing, especially during the summer months. However, most of us who wear cotton clothes don’t know the environmental impact that conventional cotton growing has on this planet.

Conventional cotton crops use nearly 25% of insecticides in the world. The chemicals used to grow cotton not only destroy the soil it is grown in, but can also penetrate our skin when we wear them and cause irritation. The alarming rate of increase in skin allergies, eczema, reduced tolerance and immunity to fight them can all be directly attributed to the cocktail of chemicals we are knowingly and unknowingly injecting into our bodies, through food, drinks, air and skin. Children more than adults are particularly susceptible as they are not even given a head start with a healthy, chemical-free environment to build their immune system.

Making the right choice for your child’s clothing is vital to the child as well as the environment. By promoting the use of organic cotton clothing, we can achieve the twin goals of a healthier environment and carcinogen free clothes for babies.

Tiny twig clothes are made of super soft organic cotton that is certified for its organic standards and sustainability. The goal is to offer carcinogen free clothes while mitigating the usage of harmful chemicals on our soil and water bodies.

At Tiny Twig the focus is on classic designs and timeless patterns that are super comfortable to babies and also to the mothers who put them on their precious little ones.

Careful use of the best colours from certified organic dyes, soft durable fabrics and trendy styling makes Tiny twig organic clothing always fun to wear. The soft yet strong, durable fabrics are of impeccable quality. This means that Tiny twig clothes can and are often handed down to siblings. Making this good value for money with a very affordable price tag!