Our Story

Tiny twig was conceived on a summer day in 2009, when a young and analytical Chemistry Doctorate was discussing with her friends on the harmful effects of chemicals on the face of the Earth and that in turn on our babies.Her academic background compelling, she then set out to explore the options of offering sustainable, organic cotton clothing primarily to babies.

Since then, the journey of Tiny twig has been one that of fashion, quality, fair trade and fun to thousands of moms and babies around the world and in turn to its founder,Madhu. Born in the beautiful green city of Adelaide in South Australia, Tiny twig has made its presence felt all over the island continent in a short span of time. Commitment to quality, Transparency and Integrity guiding, Tiny twig has established its presence in countries like USA, Canada, Japan and Singapore thereafter.

By branching out to every nook & corner of the world, Tiny twig aims to encourage people to “Go Organic!” as that is one of the important weapons to fight Climate Change, which is now threatening the existence of mankind. Safe to Babies and Safe to Mother Earth Organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizers eliminating the usage of toxic chemicals thus making it safe and gentle to the delicate skin of babies while helping to contain climate change.

Tiny twig clothes are made of super soft organic cotton that is certified for its organic standards and sustainability. Tiny twig bundles ‘care for the environment’ with the cuteness of its designs to spread the organic message in fashionable terms. The goal is to offer carcinogen free clothes while mitigating the usage of harmful chemicals on our soil and water bodies.

Our Aim
At Tiny Twig, the focus is on designs that are classic and patterns that are super comfortable to babies and also to the mothers who wear them on to their precious little ones.Careful use of the best of colors from certified organic dyes, soft durable fabrics and trendy styling makes Tiny twig organic clothing always fun to wear. The fabrics being durable and of impeccable quality standards, Tiny twig clothes are often handed down to siblings. All this comes at a price that is very reasonable and affordable.

Our Vision
Tiny Twig’s Vision is to augment the usage of Organic cotton clothing with its affordable pricing and Trendy styling and thus contribute in building a healthier environment and fight Climate Change!

Our Policy
To care for the environment and for the wellbeing of all our partners involved in the process of making tiny twig is our core belief. Every garment of Tiny twig is made with love and care in the factories that pay fair wages and follow ethical trade practices. Tiny Twig is a safe and natural clothing alternative forming a graceful link from farming to beautiful clothing.

Tiny Twig – Go Organic