Swaddling babies the wrong way can cause serious hip problems.

1 in 20 babies experience hip dysplasia. The IHDI recognizes that the only harmful position identified for hip development is with the legs bound together and straight especially during the first 6 months of life.

That's where our Sleep Cocoon answers your concerns

Science Behind Our Sleep Cocoon?

When healthy babies are born, their hips are bent up and should not be straightened into the adult position for walking. Protecting the hips in this position may allow the hip sockets to become tighter and stronger. The baby will still have plenty of time to stretch out the hip joints before they start to walk. This natural method has been used in Serbia, Japan and in other parts of the world and has helped prevent hip dysplasia. (Hip Dysplasia Org, 2024)

Swaddling, as asserted by Karp, is effective because it mimics “the snugness of the womb” and limits the Moro reflex, which can wake and aggravate an infant. But not all kinds of swaddling is good for the baby. Our Sleep Cocoon was designed to ensure that the arms are tightened to avoid movement but the legs are given just the right amount of space to be comfortable. (Mahan and Kesser, 2010)

But why should we bother? Because an Increase in the rate of hip dysplasia in babies leads to increased rates of early arthritis in young adults.

In Japan, a nationwide program to avoid prolonged extension of the hips and knees in swaddling resulted in a more than fivefold reduction in the rate of hip dysplasia. Hence, using the sleep cocoon will not only help prevent hip dysplasia but will also ensure your child sleeps comfortably giving you a full night's rest! 

What makes us different?

We've done the research, So you can relax!

Designed in accordance with recommendations from the paediatrics community, we have done extensive research, including hosting a sample study of real moms and babies using the sleep cocoon!
And we are filled with pride to know that we have our patented design for you to use. Check out the Patent Certificates.

A Gynaecologist's words

"Being a gynecologist and working closely with neonatologists, I was always in favour of swaddling. I had heard about sleep suits and sleep sacks for babies but I wasn't sure about the effectiveness. I felt that the purpose of swaddling is lost if the baby has too much space to move inside the sleep sack. When I used the tiny wig sleep cocoon, my main concern was addressed. The sack is soft. comfortable, hugs the baby well enough; not too tight, not too loose. It's snug enough to prevent startle reflex and is effective. It's not only safe for the baby, but makes swaddling easier for the mom too."